Director Letters

Quarterly letters from the Executive Director

Annual Appeal

The award-winning Family Center will soon be celebrated 20 years of service in 2020. Ask the Experts Talks, Articles and Videos reached a wide audience; provided one million page views in the past 12 months; and nearly 100 Association of Professionals members formed a valuable referral network.

Whether caring for newborns, young children, teens, loved ones, elderly parents or yourself, The Family Center serves as a compass to guide you to the resources needed when navigating life’s challenges.

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The Family Center is a Constant Compass

The families that we meet all see changes in the path of their lives. Some are caring for newborns, preparing for kindergarten, transitioning to the middle school years or starting the college selection process. Others are managing relationships, health issues, stress and grief, including coping with the challenges of caring for aging family members.

In all its 13 years of service, The Family Center has been a constant compass – guiding people with questions toward those who can help.

Some of the families that first came into contact with our presentations for newborns continue to attend our presentations for students in upper grades. Some now are part of a “sandwich generation,” caring for children while caring for elderly parents or relatives.

We’ve responded with resources designed to encompass this range of need and help families find a way ahead.

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Our Community Says Thank You

From the Director

“Thank you for for providing me with information to help assess my toddler’s needs…”

“Thank you for connecting me a professional to help us guide our adolescent…”

“Thank you for helping us locate services for my aging parent who has become challenged with his daily living routine…”

“Thank you for offering programs that help me be prepared for future issues that may arise in my family…”

“Thank you for being there…”

On the daily basis I have the privilege of being to be able to lead an organization that serves as a compass that guides by helping to point the right direction, helping to find a successful path, helping to navigate the challenges ahead. Read more: Our Community Says Thank You

CELEBRATE 12!! Enriched Communities Through Strong Families

From the Director

The Family Center will soon celebrate 12 years of service to your community. Families, caregivers and professionals welcome our programs that enable local experts to share their wisdom and reach people in need of education or guidance.

This ability to create connections with local experts is one of the great strengths of our nonprofit organization. Many of the professionals that author our Ask the Experts articles and speak at our presentations are easily reachable through our Association of Professionals online directory.

During just the past seven years we have hosted local presentations and also published hundreds of Ask the Experts articles in our weekly Grosse Pointe News features column. Every article is also posted, archived and searchable on Read more: CELEBRATE 12!! Enriched Communities Through Strong Families

Get Involved!

Two questions that I am frequently asked are “How can I learn more?” and “How can I become involved, offer my services?”

The Family Center reaches out to the community in so many ways that it is easy to find a way to learn more or to serve that suits you best.

Learn more about The Family Center by attending our presentations on a variety of topics from birth through college facilitated by local experts, reading our weekly Ask the Experts columns in the Grosse Pointe News, visiting our always-updated website with access to programs offered by The Family Center and others, connecting with members of our Association of Professionals or asking to be placed on our newsletter mailing list.

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A Decade of Community Service

For the past 10 years, our community has demonstrated how much it values families through its commitment to supporting The Family Center. Volunteers, donors and all of our partners are sharing their time and expertise, providing in-kind donations and giving generously with financial contributions. Read more: A Decade of Community Service

Celebrate 10!!

10 Years of Commitment to Community Families
by Mary Beth Garvey, LMSW, Board President

(from the new Fall, 2010 newsletter. Download it here.)

Dear Friends of The Family Center,
Over the last 10 years, we have addressed more than 10,000 parents and professionals about issues that impact our children! As The Family Center embarks on its 10th anniversary of serving the Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods communities, I am privileged to be continuing my service to The Family Center in the new capacity of board president.

As a long-time member of The Family Center, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the many enrichment programs offered to meet the ever-changing and complex needs of families in our community. Having served on, and chaired, the Early Childhood Committee, I know The Family Center continues to develop programs and events to engage and support young families as they begin their parenting journey. Read more: Celebrate 10!!