Checklist for Aging

Carolyn Van Dorn of Nursing Unlimited and Dana Constand of Family Focus Law discussed the importance of and differences in power of attorney for financial matters, patient advocate designations for medical decisions and advance directives for dementia and general health.

Presentation recorded on February 27, 2019

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Aging In Place

A Family Center presentation with Cynthia Shields & Marianne Garascia, Wilson Center: Senior Resources for Independent Living May 16, 2018.  This presentation discusses ways to enhance the quality of life for older adults regarding aging and ways to remain independent in their homes.

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Speech and Reading Skills in Children

Presented by The Family Center along with Speech with Sara and Brainspring Learning Centers, this presentation discusses what parents can do to help their child develop speech sounds and foster a love of reading and provide tips on how to help the older child with reading, typical vs. atypical speech patterns, make progress with reading development and how to decide when to seek help from a professional.

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Suicide Prevention

Presented by the Kevin’s Song Educational Task Force, this panel discussion explores WHO is at risk, WHAT signs and symptoms to look for, HOW to address suicide ideation, and WHERE to get help. Featuring Gigi Columbini, LMSW, Amelia Lehto, Elise Boyd and Nancy Buyle. Moderated by Beth Walsh-Sahutske, MA, LPC, Counseling Department Chair, Grosse Pointe Public Schools.

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Helping your Adolescent Identify the Thinking Traps that contribute to Anxiety and Depression

A Family Center Ask the Experts presentation with Amy E. Graham, Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology; Dual Title, Infant Mental Health.

Amy discusses the common thinking “traps” that contribute to adolescent anxiety and depression, and will share many tips and techniques parents can use to help their teen identify, get out of, (and even prevent falling into) the traps. Read more: Helping your Adolescent Identify the Thinking Traps that contribute to Anxiety and Depression