Celebrate 10!!

10 Years of Commitment to Community Families
by Mary Beth Garvey, LMSW, Board President

(from the new Fall, 2010 newsletter. Download it here.)

Dear Friends of The Family Center,
Over the last 10 years, we have addressed more than 10,000 parents and professionals about issues that impact our children! As The Family Center embarks on its 10th anniversary of serving the Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods communities, I am privileged to be continuing my service to The Family Center in the new capacity of board president.

As a long-time member of The Family Center, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the many enrichment programs offered to meet the ever-changing and complex needs of families in our community. Having served on, and chaired, the Early Childhood Committee, I know The Family Center continues to develop programs and events to engage and support young families as they begin their parenting journey.

These programs have been crucial in enhancing a deeper understanding of childhood development, linking parents and caregivers with valuable community resources, and supporting families through transitions.

Some of our upcoming programs include:

  • Play Central, which provides drop-in socialization and gym sessions for children and their parents and caregivers (November-April)
  • Kindergarten: Get Ready!! (Nov. 18)
  • Making a Successful Transition to Kindergarten (February 2011)
  • Ask the Experts Series, in collaboration with Beaumont professionals (March 2011)
  • Family events, including the Cupcake Challenge and ChariTea Bear’s Tea Party

As a co-chair of our Program Committee, which is made up of dedicated parents and professionals committed to serving families, I also know the hard work going on behind the scenes to develop timely programs that will promote healthy, resilient and successful children as they move into adolescence.

These include:

  • College Transitions: Today’s Changing Landscape for College Admissions (Nov. 3)
  • Recognizing the Signs of Unhealthy Relationships: Matters of Choice (Feb. 15)
  • Parenting: The Middle School Years (April 2011)
  • Are Your Kids at Risk? (May 2011)

Our goal is to promote a deeper understanding of the role of parents and others in supporting our youth to become competent, caring and responsible community members by providing face-to-face time with experts delivering information on timely topics.

We serve as a centralized resource hub, providing community parents and caregivers with contact information on local experts in many areas, including mental health, pediatrics, dentistry and other professionals serving families.

As a family therapist in private practice in our community, and a member of The Family Center’s Association of Professionals, I hear many of the worries that children and families face today. I am confident that The Family Center is addressing the issues of greatest concern to our community. We continue to partner with local hospitals, educational professionals, mental health providers and other community agencies to provide expert programs on topics that families want to know more about.

Please take a few minutes to check out our extensive website, www.familycenterweb.org, which provides program and event information as well as additional resources and support for families.

I look forward to beginning our next decade of service in the Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods communities. As I watch my own three children negotiate the many transitions and demands of childhood, I am grateful to have the support in raising healthy, resilient and successful children and for the opportunity to serve The Family Center in its community efforts.

Warm regards,
Mary Beth Garvey, LMSW
Board President

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