Family Center DVDs Available at Libraries

Question: I’ve heard that some of the programs that The Family Center has sponsored like last year’s annual parenting symposium in March “How Much Is Enough” were recorded. How could I find out what programs were taped and learn where to get one to borrow?

Answer: They are now available in DVD format at your local Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods libraries – in the Parent Education Section. There is no charge for rental and could be used by parents, mother’s groups, PTO’s, or other local groups for discussion purposes.

The title and speaker from each program currently available on DVD are as follows:

  • Remarried Families: Making the Most of the Holidays – Sean Hogan-Downey
  • Promoting Maturity – John Bernardo
  • Depression in Children & Adolescents – Dr. Laura McMahon
  • Drinking, Smoking & Parties – a panel discussion of local teens & law enforcement
  • How to Say “No”: The Difference Between Enough and Too Much – Jean Illsley Clarke
  • How Much is Enough? Raising Likable, Responsible, and Respectful Children – Jean I. Clarke
  • In Tune with Your Child’s Temperament – Pamela Lemerand, PhD
  • Parenting with Love & Logic – Bob Sorenson PhD
  • Getting Ready For College: Promoting Healthy Independence – Panel discussion of Fran Carnaghi, Erika Johnson (U of M), and Sean Hogan Downey
  • Immunizations: The Myths, The Facts, The New – Patricia Vranesick – Mich Dept Health
  • Promoting Sexual Responsibility in our Adolescents: A Panel Discussion with Parents & Professionals
  • The Pressured Child – Suzanne Haynes, MSW
  • Expectations & Consequences: The Importance of Collaboration When Establishing Limits – Ross Flynn, LMFT,
  • Child Predators: Hidden Dangers on the Internet – a panel discussion with U.S. Attorney, FBI, and Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept, and Wayne County Prosecutor

Look in your library’s Parent Education Section or ask your librarian for assistance.

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