Helping your child succeed with everyday social situations

Ask the Experts by Amy McIntyre and Michelle Harr

Q: I’m a parent of two teens who couldn’t be more different. My daughter is my “social butterfly” and I can’t keep up with her social calendar, while my son seems to struggle interacting with peers, and doesn’t have one “real” friend. He has trouble with maintaining attention/focus. What can we do to help him succeed with everyday social situations?

A: Pragmatic language therapy in an individual therapy situation would be a great start for your son. After comprehension of the ins and outs of social interaction is solid, grouping your son with another peer(s) in a “social group” for practice would be the next step. From there, when the time is right, the group of peers then go out to practice being social together, in other environments. Peer social groups are an important component in the transferring of skills across environments.

Social skill deficits accompany many diagnoses, including but not limited to: anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and speech-language impairments.

Thanks to The Family Center of Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods, we have an opportunity to provide additional information on this topic along with exploring ways to provide support and learning opportunities for children, tweens, teens and young adults who find social interaction challenging. Join us on November 14 at Christ Church for a helpful discussion.

Socially Challenged: Acquiring Skills Necessary for Everyday Interactions
November 14, 2018
Christ Church Grosse Pointe, 61 Grosse Pointe Blvd., Grosse Pointe Farms
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