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Dear Friend of The Family Center,

The Family Center is noted as the go-to resource that provides unique programs and services to kids and families in our community. We are able to do so because of philanthropic gifts from people like you. Your gifts support prevention and early intervention, the keys to long-term family health and well being.

The Family Center understands the value of providing timely resources to families on important topics such as youth trends, health issues, transition milestones, and societal influences. Recognizing the early signs of teen depression, a child’s autistic tendencies, developmental delays and unusual behavioral traits can lead to early diagnosis, treatment and better outcomes.

This past year, community gifts like yours supported Family Center speakers who addressed important topics such as teen suicide prevention, the dark side of our achievement culture, the transitions to kindergarten and to college, anger management and self-care for mothers.

Easy access to our online resource of professionals and Ask the Experts articles assist and encourage parents to seek the aid they need early, before issues turn into long-term, negative consequences.

A recent study, funded by the Max M. & Marjorie Fisher Foundation, concluded that when a child is school-ready, and not at risk, the state of Michigan saves nearly $40,000 in remedial expenses. Many of The Family Center’s programs support early childhood development, particularly our well-known Play Central. Your gift will help prepare kids to succeed, thereby strengthening our community with healthy, resilient and successful children and families.

Our new program year supports our mission as it is rich with programs that will prove to be valuable to the well-being of kids and families. Some of the topics are “RE: Bullying – Defining Behaviors, Offering Solutions,” “Time In/Time Out Behavioral Management,” mother/daughter relationship, and technology trends and dangers.

The philanthropic support from our community makes all this impressive programming possible. Your support is essential to fund the work that reaches thousands of parents and children, all year long.

Please join me today with a tax deductible gift. Together we can be vital in linking families to resources that promote growth.

Yours truly,
Diane Strickler, Founder

Enriched Communities Through Stronger Families
The Family Center serves as the community’s hub for information, resources and referral for both families and professionals. The Family Center is a non-profit organization founded to promote a deeper understanding of the role of parents and others in supporting our youth to become competent, caring and responsible community members.

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