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Matching Gift Opportunity – 2018 Annual Appeal

A sleep-deprived new mother looks for help training her baby to sleep.

A father of teenagers is applying to colleges while simultaneously trying to find in-home care for his elderly mother.

Parents of a child struggling with addiction need somewhere to turn.

These are just a few of the countless examples of why people reach out to The Family Center for help.

In this age of information, reliable, factual and trustworthy resources can be elusive. Thousands of people look to The Family Center monthly, attending presentations, viewing archived program videos, reading weekly Ask the Experts articles, linking to trusted referrals to find timely and relevant resources on our website and staying connected through social media outlets.

The Family Center helps people. Now in its 17th year, The Family Center has become a trusted resource, THANKS TO YOU, our generous donors and volunteers. The Family Center helps people and we need your ongoing support!

Today, and through December 31, 2018 your contribution to The Family Center will be matched. Through the generosity of its founder, Diane Strickler and her husband Ron Strickler, M.D., every dollar received will be doubled. Your $50 gift becomes $100, your $100 gift becomes $200!

Following is a portion of Diane and Ron Strickler’s message from The Family Center’s 2016 HOLLYFEST event.

“The Family Center is a nonprofit organization. Those of you in business understand that when you create value for your customers, they are willing to pay for your services.

When a nonprofit creates value, for example, educating a parent who identifies a troubled teen and knows the community resources for help, there is no economic engine that gets fueled for growth and more successes.

The nonprofit world is a tale of two businesses: the mission which has social value without economic rewards, and economic survival which requires charitable subsidies.

The Family Center is in the hands of good people who are giving value to our community through program excellence.

Diane and I wish to jump-start The Family Center’s economic survival. We offer an opportunity – a pledge to match the gifts of all investors for the first quarter-million dollars.

We believe passionately in the mission of The Family Center: linking families to the resources needed for health and growth. Why? Because Diane, whose careers as a nurse, stay-at-home mom who volunteered in child-enrichment programs and social worker before she founded The Family Center, and because myself, a physician who helps couples become parents, have seen that parenting is the one job in life that you can undertake without any training or skill, without any degree or license, without an interview or review. And once hired, you are the boss who can never quit, never take back that decision to parent, and never abandon the child you created.

Join us to make The Family Center a resource for parents and children, a beacon for hope through learning, for generations to come. Make The Family Center a community success story without end.”

Our mission of serving our community through programs and resources vital to today’s families remains steadfast. Help us continue to bring programs and resources that educate families, build a sense of community and provide support to those in need.

Your gift will help protect a teen and prevent a suicide. Your pledge will open the eyes of a parent to substance abuse. Your dollars will build bridges of understanding from children to adults to grandparents. Your contribution enriches our community through stronger families.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today! We hope that you will take advantage of the wonderful matching opportunity from the Stricklers and double the impact of your gift.

You may conveniently donate online. Thank you!

Pamela Flom, President and Deborah A. Liedel, Executive Director

“Other things change us, but we start and end with the family”
Anthony Brandt

Enriched Communities Through Stronger Families
The Family Center serves as the community’s hub for information, resources and referral for both families and professionals. The Family Center is a non-profit organization founded to promote a deeper understanding of the role of parents and others in supporting our youth to become competent, caring and responsible community members.

All gifts are tax-deductible.
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