Media Releases

Most recent are listed first:

10/05/15 Family Center Appoints 2015-16 Board Members (.doc)

05/21/15 Family Center presents “Meet & Greet” A Gathering for School, Mental Health and Other Professionals 
Working with Individuals, Youth and Families (.doc)

04/01/15 Get Ready, Get Set and GO! Kindergarten Essentials Offered by The Family Center (.doc)

04/01/15 Family Center Hosts Special Multi-Presentation Ask The Experts Night (.doc)

03/27/15 Family Center Helps to Instill an Understanding of Charity and Giving (.doc)

03/19/15 Family Center Hosts Special Multi-Presentation Ask The Experts Night (.doc)

02/25/15 Calling All LEGO Enthusiasts! (.doc)

02/23/15 Focus on Your Healthy Future at Family Center’s Ask The Experts Evening (.doc)

01/29/15 The Family Center Awarded 2015 Pointer of Distinction Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Activity (.doc)

01/21/15 Drugs and Alcohol: What Parents and Professionals Need to Know (.doc)

01/21/15 Family Center presents “Meet & Greet” A Gathering for School, Mental Health and Other Professionals Working with Youth and Families (.doc)

01/21/15 The Family Center to Host an Evening of Talks “Taking Care While Giving Care: Coping with the Challenges of the Sandwich Generation” (.doc)

09/16/14 The Family Center Hosts A Special “Ask The Experts” Multi-Program Night on October 16 (.doc)

08/14/14 Free Mental Health First Aid Training program offered by the Family Center (.doc)

04/07/14 Family Center presents “Meet & Greet” for professionals working with youth and families (.doc)

03/14/14 Family Center presents four different Ask the Experts programs on March 27 (.doc)

03/10/14 Family Center presents multi-program Ask the Experts presentations (.doc)

02/10/14 2014 LEGO Artists Challenge:  Call for Entries (.doc)

02/04/14 Family Center presents four different Ask the Experts presentations on February 27th (.doc)

10/30/13 The Family Center Presents: Kindergarten Readiness and Becoming a Love and Logic Parent (.doc)

10/30/13 The College Selection Process: Keeping it Real and Making it Yours: A Family Center Presentation (.doc)

10/11/13 The Family Center to host “Meet and Greet” for School, Professionals working with Youth and Families (.doc)

10/07/13 The Family Center presents: ” Finding Normal in the Middle School Years” (.doc)

10/07/13 Family Center Presents “Managing Life’s Launches: Cradle to College” (.doc)

08/25/13 Family Center’s Play Central fits into your schedule! Open play group starts Oct. 2 (.doc)

08/01/13 Family Center Kicks Off Enrichment Campaign with Party on Sept. 5 (.pdf)

03/08/13 A special Ask the Experts series for caregivers, professionals (.pdf)

02/13/13 ChariTea Bear’s 5th annual tea party for kids of all ages (.doc)

02/13/13 Kindergarten III: Your Child is Ready – Are You?? (.doc)

02/13/13 LEGO Artists Challenge: Call for Entries (.doc)

02/13/13 Mothers & Daughters: Building Open Communication and Shared Experiences (.doc)

11/26/12 GPPSS to host Family Center ‘Meet & Greet’ for school, mental health professionals (.doc)

10/26/12 Kindergarten: Is your child ready? (.doc)

10/26/12 Family Center to host 2 College Transitions programs (.doc)

09/10/12 Family Center experts to confront bullying (.doc)

09/04/12 Family Center Ask the Experts presentation: WHO are YOUR kids LISTENING to? Parent vs. Friend (.doc)

03/30/12 ChariTea Bear’s 4th annual tea party for kids of all ages (.doc)

02/26/12 Second Annual LEGO Competition will announce winners April 21 (.doc)

01/12/12 Hold your horses – at home and at work! (.doc)

01/12/12 Family Center programs to address anger, kindergarten preparation (.doc)

12/23/11 Race To Nowhere:  The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture (.doc)

10/04/11 Family Center Hosts Two College Readiness Presentations (.doc)

09/24/11 HEY!  It’s a HAYride in Grosse Pointe! Family Center to hold 3rd annual hayride fundraiser (.doc)

08/12/11 The Family Center Presents a Special Screening of “The Race to Nowhere” at Grosse Pointe South (.doc)

05/23/11 Friends support ‘Dining for Dollars’ to benefit The Family Center! (.doc)

04/26/11 ChariTea Bear’s 3rd Annual Tea Party for kids of all ages (.doc)

04/23/11 Family Center Ask the Experts presentation:  Recognize the Early Signs of Youth Addictive Behavior (.doc)

04/23/11 Family Center Hosts ‘Meet & Greet’ for Mental Health Professionals, Educators (.doc)

03/31/11 Family Center Ask the Experts presentation: Parenting the Middle School Years (.doc)

02/03/11 ‘Dining for Dollars’ for The Family Center (.doc)

01/20/11 The Family Center presents Ask the Experts series with Beaumont Professionals (.doc)

01/20/11 Sean Hogan-Downey to discuss ‘unhealthy relationships’ (.doc)

12/15/10 Preparing For Kindergarten Success – Easing the Transition (.doc)

11/11/10 Help The Family Center with a tasty treat at Bruegger’s December 1-4 (.doc)

10/11/10 The Family Center presents ‘The Culture of Accountability and the 1-Minute Behavior Change Plan’ Workshop (.doc)

10/11/10 Get a ‘taste’ of preschool with Play Central Plus! (.doc)

10/05/10 The ‘College Process’ – What’s new for 2011? (.pdf)

09/01/10 Caledon, North/South choirs to perform in Family Center benefit (.pdf)

09/01/10 Family Center Hosts Diamond and Denim Fundraiser at Ford House (.pdf)

04/09/10 Family Center program answers the question, ‘Are Your Children at Risk?’ (.doc)

03/01/10 ChariTea ‘comfort bears’ to go to Haiti orphanages (.doc)

02/05/10 The Family Center and Beaumont, Grosse Pointe to host ‘Ask the Experts’ series in March (.doc)

01/27/10 Get a “taste” of preschool with Play Central Plus! (.doc)

01/09/10 How to succeed – in kindergarten! (.doc)

01/06/10 Face-time vs. Facebook: Ur not ur daughter’s BFF (.doc)

11/12/09 Family Center Hosts ‘Meet & Greet’ for Mental Health Professionals, Educators (.doc)

10/22/09 Play Central provides preschoolers – and caregivers – a chance to get out of the house! (.doc)

10/20/09 Kindergarten: Are you sure your child is ready? (.doc)

10/14/09 The ‘College Process’ – don’t sweat it!

09/29/09 Morans to chair upcoming holiday benefit for The Family Center (.doc)

09/15/09 Stressed? Chill out at Family Center inspirational talk (.doc)

09/14/09 Family Center to hold hayride fundraiser (.doc)

08/28/09 “Dining for Dollars” for The Family Center (.doc)

08/25/09 Family Center announces 2009-10 board members and officers (.doc)

08/25/09 Family Center announces 2009-10 calendar of events (.doc)

03/08/09 Family Center Hosts ‘Meet & Greet’ for School, Mental Health Professionals (.doc)

03/16/09 Save the Date for Chari-Tea Bear (.doc)

02/10/09 The Family Center Annual Symposium for Parents and Professionals to Tackle Cyberspace (.doc)

12/15/08 Former Lions quarterback Hipple Brings Message of Hope to Dealing with Depression and Preventing Tragedies (.doc)

12/11/08 Partners In Parenting: Popular Childrearing Series to Begin in January (.doc)

12/03/08 Play Central gives kids, caregivers chance to socialize (.doc)

11/03/08 Wardens to Chair Upcoming Holiday Benefit for The Family Center (.doc)

10/31/08 KINDERGARTEN: Get Ready!! Preparing Preschoolers for New World of Kindergarten (.doc)

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