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Ask the Experts 1/18/18 

Q. I’m hoping to take advantage of the enrichment and educational programs offered by organizations in our community. Where can I find opportunities to do that?

A: The Grosse Pointe community has a number of helpful organizations that offer various types of enrichment and educational programs throughout the year. You will have no trouble finding something that fits into your schedule and your interest.

In addition to The Family Center, The War Memorial, Grosse Pointe Public Library, Grosse Pointe Public Schools, SOC (Services for Older Citizens), the Neighborhood Club and many other organizations are where you should begin looking for options.

The Family Center has the following programs scheduled on our calendar in the winter of 2018:

  • The ABC’s of Dementia & Caregiving with Teepa Snow
  • Raising Empathic Children in a Disconnected Age with Bart Bronk, ULS Head of School
  • Technology in the Classroom: Is it the Right Fit for Your Child? with Tommy Adams, GPA Head of School
  • It’s All a Trap! The Thinking Traps that Contribute to Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents with Amy Graham
  • Increasing the Odds: Recovery is About the Family, Not Just the Individual with Jeff & Debra Jay

Stay tuned to, the Grosse Pointe News and to our Facebook and Twitter pages for further details and more potential topics.

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