Time Mastery for Moms

Ask the Experts by Charmaine Johnson-Fuller

Q: How do I create the perfect schedule to make sure I have enough time for it all without feeling like a zombie at day’s end?

A: Well first of all, there is no such thing as a perfect schedule. Relax.

In being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and Mompreneur (mom entrepreneur) I had to learn that not every day will look the same. The schedule I had for Monday might not work on Tuesday. I had to learn to be flexible with myself, my business and my family. I had to redefine what “doing it all” meant to me.

When moms come to me with this question I lay out my four foundations of time mastery:

  • Start with knowing how you want to feel each day, and incorporating those feelings into your day
  • Enforce your boundaries and spend less time yelling and repeating yourself
  • Reduce your distractions by brainstorming what activities are nonessential to your day and reduce or eliminate them
  • Redefine your task list. Each day you should have no more than 5 items on your task list. Remember less is more. Leave space for life to happen and for you to breathe.

Be sure to communicate any shifts with your family so they can support you. Don’t try this alone and then expect everyone to read your mind. Remember, creating harmony with your schedule doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself some grace and be willing to support you.

Charmaine Johnson-Fuller has been supporting moms for over five years by guiding them to create harmony between self and family. She has served with the Special Education Action Committee (SEAC) for the State of Michigan, was the Wayne RESA PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) representative for Grosse Pointe and currently supports mompreneurs by showing them how to create harmony between family and business. Visit fullerpotentials.com for more resources and support opportunities. Charmaine is a member of The Family Center’s Association of Professionals.

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