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The Family Center - Strong Families | Vibrant Community


About Us

The Family Center is a compass to help guide you to resources, professionals and information. Our community is
rich in resources to assist parents but they can be dicult to nd. The Family Center believes that by educating,
connecting and supporting our families, we can share with caregivers the tools to succeed in this vital task of
raising healthy children and building strong families.

Family Center Programs



Presentations and Talks: Leading practitioners present a variety of educational topics: childhood growth and
development, behavioral issues, school transitions, youth trends, parenting strategies, family dynamics, current
health concerns, caring for aging parents and more. Q&A sessions provide opportunities to dialogue with
professionals and one another. See our Calendar for more.

A weekly “Ask the Experts” column in the Grosse Pointe News answers questions on current family,
parenting and health concerns. Articles are written by physicians, educators and counselors. All “Ask the Experts”
articles are archived and searchable on our Web site.

Videos: Many of our presentations are archived in video format at our Web site and on our YouTube Channel.
Local Resources: An online directory that helps parents and others to quickly and condentially connect with
local mental health and health practitioners, legal experts and specialized services providers that strive to be the
best in their field.

Play Central:
A weekly drop-in play program from October through May that allows children to be active and
caregivers to socialize. See our Play Central page for more.